The Original Fireman’s Brew Cream Soda

Original Fireman's Cream Soda

Us Fizz Wizards value honesty in our reviews above all else. We might not have a royal palate for soda, but we know what we like, and we know our biases, and we’ll tell you both. That’s why I have to admit that today’s soda is already at a disadvantage.

Spoiler alert: I’m reviewing a ton of different root beer very soon, so I naturally bought a ton of root beer. I saw this label, “The Original Fireman’s Brew” and thought “Hm, that’s probably a legit root beer” and I bought it. Must’ve reached for the wrong one though, because much to my chagrin, this evening I discovered that it was cream soda not root beer. So I was expecting to quench my thirst with some root and now I’m quenching it with cream. Tennis usually notes the player with the advantage but I’m going to say disadvantage: Fireman’s.

Secondly, I don’t love cream soda. I don’t hate it. I can’t think of any soda I really hate, but I do not prefer cream soda. And here I am, having to drink and review it because it’s new and I already bought it. Disadvantage: Fireman’s.

BUT! I hope you trust me enough that I will give this a fair shake. If it’s the best cream soda I’ve ever had, then it’s getting top emotion marks. I will say, I’m impressed with the label, and the brand name. No, it doesn’t have a “Since ####” graphic anywhere, but the company obviously tried to make the label look old timey, and appeal to the ethos of the soda drinker. I respect that. Also, it’s not a twist off top, so they’re still trying to prove how hardcore this cream soda is about to be. Touche, Fireman’s. Touche.

The vanilla! Oh the vanilla! So strong! So tasty! So glorious! Usually I get a weird aftertaste with cream soda, that makes me wonder what is really comprising the cream in the mix, but this. . . this is obviously all about some classic, delicious vanilla flavoring, and I am all about that. It’s pretty sweet, but I assume if you prefer cream soda, or are looking for cream soda at some junction in your life, you’re looking for a really sweet soda. There is also an incredible amount of foam in this thing. Very rich and creamy. Just like a cream soda should be!

I wholeheartedly approve of this cream soda. I approve of it so much, I will definitely have to try the root beer they brew, and the black cherry soda. You can learn more about their sodas at: I approve of this cream soda, so much, it’s getting a big, fat, hearty, delicious, vanilla . . .

Rating :D

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